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The 10 Best Teepee Tents and Ultimate Teepee Tent Buyer’s Guide

How To Find the Perfect Teepee Tent for Your Next Camping Trip.

Teepee tents can be a great addition to your next camping trip. The unique design of a teepee tent, also referred to as a tipi tent, offers some fantastic benefits to campers. They’re perfect for providing shelter from the elements and offering a comfy home away from home while camping out.

The conical shape of a teepee tent naturally resists wind and allows rain, snow, and debris to slide off the walls of the tent. This often provides a safe haven from the elements, even in heavy rains and high winds. And thanks to the tall center pole, most people can even stand up in the middle of a teepee tent. Some styles of teepee tents also have a stove jack, so you can use a camping stove to keep warm and use your tent in all 4 seasons.

When you’re looking for the right teepee tent for your next trip, there are so many things to consider. We’ve vetted the 10 best teepee tents out there to help you find the right one to fit your camping needs.

Tent reviews are arranged by material (lightweight followed by canvas) and sizes (small to large).

Our favorite teepee tent is the BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Family Camping Teepee Tent. It’s sturdy and resilient, lightweight and easy to carry to your campsite or in your pack on a long trek, and it’s fast and easy to set up.

Table of Contents:

  1. Top 5 Camping Toilets
  2. What Is a Teepee Tent and Why You Need One
  3. The Different Types of Teepee Tents 
  4. x Benefits Of Using A Teepee Tent
  5. x Things To Look For In A Good Teepee Tent
  6. Conclusion 

The Top 10 Teepee Tents

1. OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent– 1-2 Person Teepee Tent

The OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent is perfect for sleeping arrangement during a backpacking getaway for 1-2 campers. With the stove pipe vent and removable inner mesh liner, you can easily use this as a lightweight, 4 season camping tent anywhere your adventures take you.

The unique heptagon (7-sided) design makes for a very sturdy structure, even in windy or snowy conditions. Be sure to leave a gap between the inner mesh liner and outer tent covering for ideal airflow and to reduce the risk of condensation building up.

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent, Lightweight Teepee Tent with Removable Inner Mesh, 20D SIL-Nylon 1-3 Persons for Backpacking Hiking Fishing Canoeing Travel Winter Camping
  • Quality Material: 20D Sil-Coated Nylon fabric shelter that's lightweight, durable and highly versatile, 2000mm waterproof rating with quality snag-free YKK zippers for total protection and convenient use
  • Tipi Hot Tent: Bottom diameter in 10.5ft (3.2m) with height in 5.2ft (1.6m), comes with an lightweight 5.2ft (1.6m) aluminum tent pole to support, heptagon shape with reinforced pole top area, tie-out points and guyline tensioners for an extra solid, high wind resistance tipi tent for 2 persons
  • Tent for Stove: Designed with a stove pipe hole for stove jack and locate your tent stove, perfect for winter camping, 2 windows at the top for good airflow so that you can also use it as a normal 4 season tent teepee; A removable half inner mesh teepee included to separate you from the stove and woods, and protect you from the tiny creatures in summer
  • Easy Assembling: Simple design for easy set up & take down in minutes, comes with one tent pole 5.25ft (1.6m) , 10 tent pegs and 4 guy-lines, weighs only 4.2Ib (1900g), packs up small for easy storage and carry
  • Stealth Camping Gear: OD-green shade for you to merge with the background and disengage completely from the city | New Model with adjusted inner mesh & zipper


  • 10 foot diameter by 5.2 foot height
  • Weighs just 4.2 pounds
  • 4 season tent
  • 2000mm waterproof index with 20D Silicon-coated nylon fabric


  • This tent does have a stove pipe vent to let you use a camping stove and keep warm in the winter and a removable mesh liner to keep out bugs in the summer, which makes it a 4 season tent.
  • The Iron Wall is super lightweight, which makes it ideal for backpacking when every ounce of weight counts.
  • This tent is very sturdy and durable for long hikes and extreme weather.
  • Very easy and fast set up


  • Ideally, this tent fits just 1 person comfortably. It could sleep 2 people if you don’t mind being nice and close.
  • The inner mesh zipper conflicts with the placement of the stove jack, so please be aware of this design hiccup if you’re planning to use both the inner mesh liner and a camping stove.

2. BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Family Camping Teepee Tent

The BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Family Camping Teepee Tent is hands-down the best budget-friendly teepee tent available. While it is one of the smaller teepee tents reviewed here, with room for just 3-4 people, it’s also an excellent value tent.

This BaiYouDa is lightweight and perfect for backpacking. It can be set up in less than 15 minutes, even if you’re alone. It can even withstand high winds easily.

If you need a larger tent, BaiYouDa also makes a great canvas glamping tent, but this synthetic one is the best for backpacking trips due to its light weight.

BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Family Camping Teepee Tent Outdoor Rainproof Waterproof Suitable for Camping Hiking Holidays
  • [Ventilation windows] The tent has ventilation windows to ensure ventilation, mosquito nets and rain caps can keep the tent dry free of mosquitoes.
  • [Material] 60D/190T fabric, PU 1500mm, F/R B4 mesh, base fabric: PE, so the tent is more waterproof.
  • [Durability] The tent can be used for a long time and is not affected by any elements.
  • [Capacity] The tent can accommodate 3-4 people. Very suitable for family camping or camping with friends.
  • [Product size] 122.8 * 122.8 * 78.7 inches (312 * 312 * 200cm). [Packing size] 30.7 * 7.9 inches (78 * 20cm). [Weight] 11.87lbs (5.37kg).


  • 10.2 feet by 10.2 feet by 6.5 feet
  • 11.87 pounds
  • The tent walls are made of 60D / 190T fabric with a PU of 1500mm, F/R B4 mesh. The base fabric is PE, and overall, the tent is quite waterproof
  • This tent has 3 mesh windows, 3 lower vents, and 1 door


  • Lightweight, which makes it ideal for backpacking
  • Holds up well to strong breezes and heavy wind
  • Easy to set up, even by yourself; can be done in under 10-15 minutes
  • This tent has excellent ventilation with 3 windows and 3 vents, but it also does a good job of retaining heat if the temperature drops at night.
  • This tent is made of high quality materials that are rip-resistant, even in rocky terrain or if you’re surrounded by cacti.
  • Should you ever need them, the customer service department is fantastic.


  • There is no stove jack.
  • The tent stakes that come with this tent are not super sturdy, so you may wish to invest in some stronger, more durable stakes, especially if you’re in rocky terrain or high winds.
  • The rain fly uses a tension stake to hold it back, which could be a challenge to use if you’re in a rocky area.

3. Wenzel Shenanigan 5 Person Teepee Tent 

The Wenzel Shenanigan 5 Person Teepee Tent is a fantastic teepee tent for family camping adventures. It’s fast and easy to set up, with a center steel pole and fast foot connector that protects the attached groundsheet.

It has excellent ventilation to keep you cool and reduce condensation. There are 3 zippered windows with inside flaps in addition to the 2 rear vents and 3 peak vents to keep you cool and comfortable.

Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigin 5 Red Buffalo Plaid
  • Easy 1 pole setup with fast feet
  • 3 roll back window flaps
  • Hi-low ventilation system with roof vents
  • Spruce up the camp vibes
  • Polyester canopy material and welded polyethlene flooring


  • 11.5 feet by 10 feet by 7.5 feet
  • Weighs 10.6 pounds
  • 5 person tent (usually sleeps 2 adults and 1 small child comfortably)


  • Fast and easy set up, which can be done in under 5 minutes even if you’re by yourself in the dark
  • Great ventilation system to keep air circulating in the tent
  • Withstands heavy rain and high winds well, but it may be a good idea to use additional waterproofing spray
  • Very budget-friendly teepee tent
  • Actually fits back into the tent bag provided


  • The groundsheet and the tent walls connect at ground level. It’s not usually a problem, but this could be an area of concern and possible point for moisture to enter the tent.
  • The velcro on the tent door tends to snag on the mesh of the door.

4. Vidalido Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person

The Vidalido Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person is a lightweight teepee tent that’s easy and speedy to set up. It’s actually two different tents; one is the inner layer, made of sturdy, breathable mesh, and the other is the durable, waterproof outer shell.

It’s easy to stand up in the center of this tent, and it fits up to 5-6 people. It’s nice to have a tent that fits the whole crew, and this one even comes with some cute little flags and colorful bunting to make the trip more festive.

12'x10'x8'Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Anti-UV Windproof Tents Family Outdoor Camping Tent(White)
  • MULTIFUNCTION USE:Conical appearance, with enough space and height inside, can make people stand inside the tent without restriction.When you travel outdoors, if you need to change clothes, this tent will make you feel very convenient.You can also remove the external account for two installs, and you can use the outside account as a temporary dressing room, bathroom and toilet.The purchase of a Indian dome is equivalent to the purchase of two outdoor travel tents.
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION:The tipi family tent is made of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D Oxford fabric for long lasting performance. Premium anti-rust and reinforced steel tent poles provide a sturdy structural support. Stitching taping and caulking treatment complement the premium waterproof,tough enough to withsand wind、rain. Fabric to keep the interior dry in rainy days.
  • COST PERFORMANCE:This tent has a capacity of 5-6 people! Perfect for family camping or adventures with friends. This is the perfect family tent for any adventure! High Quality,Extremely lightweight,Bring the VIDALIDO hiking Tent on your next outdoor adventure, and you'll sleep soundly knowing you saved BIG money!
  • VENTILATION: Both doors and windows are 2000D PU 3000MM high-density mesh structure design.Nylon polyester mesh doors and roof allow for great views and excellent airflow while keeping biting insects out.It is the ideal big camping tents and the four sides are surrounded by big landing balcony. You can make yourself in the flower sea to enjoy various beautiful sceneries and feel the nature.
  • EASY SETUP&PORTABLE: We have designed this tent to be very easy to setup.Our team was able to do this in 5 minutes or less! Tent pole design allows for undemanding and straight forward setup in minutes. A convenient carrying bag makes the tent easy to be carried around or stored away.


  • Designed for 5-6 people
  • 12 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet
  • Outer tent made of 190T-patterned polyester and 150D Oxford fabric to be tear-resistant
  • Inner tent made of 2000D PU 3000mm high-density mesh
  • Tent poles are reinforced steel
  • Comes with cute flag banners


  • Consists of two layers, so you could technically set up one to sleep in and use the other for a portable bathroom or changing room if desired. The inner, mesh layer has an attached groundsheet and the outer layer does not.
  • Comes with a cute tent flag and 2 colorful bunting sets. My husband couldn’t care less about this, but I find it useful for helping to pick out our tent when set up at a crowded festival.
  • Really easy to set up, even by yourself
  • Holds up well to adverse weather conditions, including heavy rains and cold temperatures


  • Please remember to stake this tent down, and it would be best to use sturdy stakes (not the ones that come with this– buy some stronger ones)
  • As with all teepee tents, it has a cone shape and only 2-3 people can stand comfortably at once. You’ll also want to get low or shorter chairs to be able to sit comfortable without hitting your head on the tent walls.

5. Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

The Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent is a lightweight, rugged teepee tent with a fantastic reputation. It has a speedy set up that can be completed in just 5 minutes.

The Winterial has 2 doors and 4 mesh windows so that everyone in your crew gets plenty of fresh air and can come and go as needed without disturbing others. While it doesn’t have a dedicated stove vent, the top of the tent is open to the outside if you remove the rain fly.

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent - 12'x12' Family 4 Season Camping Tent, Windows, Mesh Vents, 15lbs, Includes Stakes, Poles, Guylines, Rain-Cap, Stabilizer and Large Travel Bag
  • ALL PURPOSE TENT - The Winterial 4 Season Teepee Tent for adults features a 6-7 people capacity and sets up quick and easy! A perfect choice for family camping, backpacking and all-around adventuring.
  • EASY & FAST SETUP - The Winterial Teepee Tent was designed with ease of setup in mind. Simply stake down all outside points, pitch the tent with the single center pole and stake the integrated guylines. Have your tent set up within 5 minutes!
  • 4 SEASON DESIGN - Constructed with ultra tough and waterproof 210T polyester, waterproof stitching and featuring multiple air vents, the Winterial Teepee Tent is the perfect all-weather tent.
  • SLEEP 6-7 PEOPLE - With plenty of room to fit 6-7 people, your family camping trip could not be any easier! The Winterial Teepee tent is also a perfect 2-3 person tent with plenty of internal room for gear and storage.
  • EASY TAKEDOWN & TRAVEL - The Winterial Teepee Tent comes with an oversized travel bag making packing up easier than ever. The full tent package weighs in at only 15 pounds!


  • 12 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet
  • Weighs 15.8 pounds
  • The groundsheet is a waterproof tarp; tent walls are 210T polyester


  • One of the fastest teepee tents to set up; takes about 5 minutes to assemble.
  • The tent is made of high quality materials that are waterproof.
  • This tent has good airflow, with several vents along the bottom of the tent, 4 windows, and 2 large doors
  • Comes with 31 stakes to set up the tent securely


  • No dedicated stove pipe vent, but the rain fly off is removable to reveal an open space at the top of the tent. (please proceed with extreme caution)
  • Because the top of the tent is open to the elements when the rain fly is not on, some people have experienced bugs in the tent. Some buyers construct their own mesh covering for this area. When the rain fly is on, it creates a fairly secure seal.

6. Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18′ x 18′ 12 Person Teepee

The Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18′ x 18′ 12 Person Teepee is fantastic for camping with a large group. The sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it easy to carry to your campsite but durable enough for braving the elements.

The Tahoe Bighorn also has 4 windows and 4 floor vents to allow for maximum ventilation inside the tent. All windows and vents can be adjusted or fully closed if needed.

Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18' x 18' 12 Person Teepee Cone Shape Camping Tent
  • Waterproof, durable floor
  • Provides the perfect combination of weight, carry size, and protection from the elements
  • Can handle just about any rain storm
  • Can handle winds up to 35 mph
  • Includes convenient carry bag, steel pole, and stakes


  • 1000mm polyester
  • Water-resistant and all exposed seams are taped shut
  • Resists winds up to 35 mph
  • 18 feet by 18 feet by 9 feet
  • 25 pounds


  • Huge tent that can hold a lot of people, air mattresses, and gear. Technically, this is a 12-person tent, but it seems to fit 8 people with camping gear comfortably.
  • This tent is very easy to set up, and be sure to check that the guy lines are straight and not tangled for a speedy set up.
  • This tent is fairly lightweight and can easily be carried from your car to a nearby campsite.
  • Works well in inclement weather; withstands heavy rains and high wind
  • Sturdy tent material and budget-friendly price point for this size tent


  • The doors of the tent could be better. They do not have a mesh component, so there’s not screening to keep bugs out if you wish to keep the doors open. Also, the bottom of the doors do not attach to the groundsheet, which could allow bugs to get in. Some people buy velcro to attach to the bottom of the door.
  • This is a 3-season tent as it lacks a built-in stove jack.

7. OmniCore Designs 12 Person Teepee Tent

The OmniCore Designs 12 Person Teepee Tent is perfect for large family or group camping. This 12 person tent is big and roomy, and with a height of 9 feet at the center, even the tallest person in your group can stand up comfortably in this tent.

The rugged tent walls and sewn-in groundsheet are perfect for weekend camping trips. Furthermore, the ventilation options for this tent are some of the best on the market. The over-sized, mesh tent door is perfect for catching breezes to cool off the tent, and the large, mesh ground vents and peaked roof vent are prefect to keep everyone in the tent cool. The roof vent has a unique, intuitive pulley system that allows you to open or cover it as needed from the comfort of inside the tent.

OmniCore Designs 12 Person 18' Teepee Camping Tent with Vented Roof
  • TIMELESS DESIGN: There's a reason TeePee / TiPi design has been around since the Iron Age. Our ancestors embraced the TeePee's practical design which provided a seemingly perfect blend of portability, size and protection.
  • HUGE & SPACIOUS: the 18' footprint with a huge 9' center height gives you and all of your friends and family plenty of room to stand and move around, store gear. we've designed it for even the tallest crop of current and future NBA players in mind! **PLEASE NOTE** the listed 12 Person capacity is based upon the industry standard of measuring the number of 80"x20" sleeping pads that would fit on the floor plan. It's not our personal recommendation for 'comfort'
  • KEEP THE WEATHER OUT AND THE FUN IN: The steep cone shape is designed to effectively shed wind, snow and rain. The guy lines and tensioners work to ensure the structure stays up and stable in high winds. The sewn-in polyethylene tub floor adds that extra level of protection from the the elements and keeping water, and the creepy crawlers out!
  • MODERNIZED PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: The rainfly features a 70D x 190T Ripstop Polyester with a 3000MM PU Waterproof Coating and factory-sealed seams
  • CLIMATE CONTROL: Center-zip mesh door with multiple ground vents and our innovative vented peak roof all combine to put you control of the the air flow. Use nature's air conditioning - wind during hot summer days while keeping bugs out by utilizing the HUGE mesh door, and opening all the ground vents and vented roof. When the temperature's drop at night, seal the tent up and keep all the warm air trapped inside.


  • 18 feet by 18 feet by 9 feet
  • Tent walls are made of 70D / 190T Poly Rip-Stop with a PU 3000 MM F/R. The rain fly features a 70D x 190T Ripstop Polyester with a waterproof coating of 3000mm.
  • Weighs over 20 pounds
  • 12 person tent


  • Easy set up; can be done in under 10 minutes by yourself
  • This is an absolutely huge tent. While you could fit up to 12 sleeping pads inside, it comfortably sleeps 5-7 people with their camping gear.
  • Unique ventilation system for optimum airflow. This unique design helps to cool off the tent in hot weather.
  • Withstands adverse weather conditions of heavy rain and high winds well.
  • Lighter and less expensive than canvas teepee tents of similar size


  • There is no stove jack.
  • Can be challenging to put this back in its original storage bag.
  • The plastic rings for the guy lines are a bit flimsy; if you plan to use this tent often, you might want to consider replacing the those with sturdier split rings.

8. UNISTRENGH 4 Season Large Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

The UNISTRENGH 4 Season Large Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is ideal for a durable, beautiful teepee tent that can even double as a temporary dwelling or tiny house. This large, comfy tent is available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your family or camping group.

This tent is perfect for 4 season camping, as it has a stove pipe vent that even comes with a cover to keep rain, critters, and the cold out when not in use. The high quality cotton fabric of the tent is treated for UV light and rain, and the stove pipe opening has red-colored, fiberglass, fire-resistant material. The bottom of the tent has a zipper that extends for the full diameter of the groundsheet, so, if desired, you can get 360 degree views at your amazing camping spot.

UNISTRENGH Cotton Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Jacket Hole for Family Camping,Glamping,Traveling (Beige, 3M/9.84ft)
  • Our bell tent comes with a hole(Red is as picture shown)for chimney pipe and are capable to equip with stove inside. The hole can be covered by cotton when you don't use it. So it achieve both ideal of "beauty and practicality". This winter tent with stove pipe vent is 4-season yurts tent in fact.
  • Luxury spire tent:Capacity is about 6 or 8 more persons.Size of the large tent is perfect to fit camping bed, small table and still have plenty of room to move around and hang out in the tent! All packs down into a matching cloth bag.The bell tent is into a cloth carry bag (beige cotton canvas fabric).
  • Safe and Breathable: Fire-resistant material is around the opening pipe vent.Breathable cotton, waterproof ,300g per sqm, with reinforced double stitched seams.Cotton is treated with UV & water repellent.With screen porch and mesh windows for cross ventilation or a view without worrying.
  • High-strength Cotton Canvas Tent:The camping yurt tent is made of cotton fabric with waterproof treatment,high quality and more durable. Heavy duty enough to withstands major sustained winds,heavy rain and even snow.
  • Waterproof: This canvas wall tent has been waterproof treated and have taped the stitch seam.So,the interior of this hunting tent was bone dry. The PVC floor keep out unexpected ground water. A rain cap is placed to keep rain from running down the door pole.


  • Available in these sizes:
    • 3 meter (9.8 feet) base, 8.2 foot height
    • 4 meter (13.1 feet) base, 8.2 foot height
    • 5 meter (16.4 feet) base, 9.8 foot height
    • 6 meter (19.7 feet) base, 11.5 foot height
    • 7 meter (22.97 feet) base
  • These are heavier tents, weighing between 44 and 110 pounds depending on the size
  • The roof is 100% breathable, cotton canvas with 300g per sqm and reinforced double stitched seams. It’s treated with UV & water repellent. The side walls are 100% cotton canvas, 300gsm, PU coating, and waterproof.


  • Easy to set up overall. The bigger the tent you buy, the more people you might wish to have around to help you set it up, especially for the center pole. Overall, set up usually takes less than 15 minutes.
  • This tent has plenty of space and can easily accommodate several campers, a stove, and camping gear.
  • This tent holds up extremely well in cold, windy, and damp conditions. Please be sure to get the tent wet prior to your first camping trip to activate the water repellent fabric.
  • It actually fits back into its canvas carrying bag easily at the end of your trip!


  • The stakes that come with this tent may not be strong enough in very windy or rocky conditions. You may wish to get stronger tent stakes to keep this tent more secure.
  • This tent is only available in the canvas color, and the light color may show dirt easily.

9. PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

The PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is a sturdy, economical canvas teepee tent that is ideal for camping in all sorts of weather. The rugged, yurt-style exterior holds up well in heavy rains and high wind, and with the stove pipe vent, you can remain warm and cozy even in the cold.

The PlayDo teepee tent is available in a wide variety of sizes so that you can find just the right fit for your crew.

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Wall Yurt Tent with Stove Hole for Outdoor Camping Hunting Hiking Festival Party
  • COTTON FABRIC and TOUGH.This camping tent is made of 300gsm cotton fabric with waterproof treatment. Heavy duty to withstands wind,moderate rain and even snow.
  • WATERPROOF. This glamping tent has been waterproof treated and have taped the stitch,this canvas wall tent is waterpoof on its own, alright to resist the light and moderate rain
  • BREATHABLE. Top air vents and zippable windows, complete with nets. You even can roll up the walls of tent allowing a cool breeze to blow through on a summer's day
  • 4 SEASON TENT. Diameter 5 inch wood burning stove vent is on top of this canvas wall tent instead of in side-wall. The hole can be covered by long-lasting straps when it's not needed anymore. This canvas tent with stove jack hole is all seasons tent in fact
  • AMAZING SPACIOUS.This large teepee tent is perfect to fit camping bed, small table and still have plenty of room to move around and hang out in the tent! Great for family camping, hunting,hiking,weekend camping trips, extended camping trips or remodel your house


  • Comes in a variety of sizes, including floor sizes of 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, and 7 meters
  • Roof height ranges from 8.2 feet to 13.1 feet depending on tent size above
  • Each tent has an A-frame door and 4 screen windows for ventilation and good air flow
  • Inlet available to run a power cable
  • 5-inch wood burning stove vent, which is located in the tent roof for ease of setup and for safety reasons


  • Fast set up for a canvas tent– Can set up in less than 20 minutes, even if alone and including hammering in the tent stakes
  • Spacious design with plenty of headroom; some campers even reported that it felt like they had a hotel room in the woods. Perfect for longer camping trips, glamping, or larger groups.
  • This tent is ideal for four-season camping. In the summer, the tent walls roll up to capture breezes and improve airflow. In the winter, there is a fire-resistant stove vent to allow you to use a wood-burning stove and stay warm. The cotton material of the tent itself is waterproof and durable, meant to withstand heavy rains and high winds.
  • This teepee tent is a great value tent compared to other canvas tents of the same size.


  • While this tent is solid and sturdy, it’s a good idea to purchase stronger tent stakes, especially if you’ll be in a very windy or storm-prone area.
  • If you’re in driving rains, you may notice a small amount of leaking around the window openings. Additionally, the tent may need to get wet once to truly activate the waterproofing agent in the fabric. You may consider getting the tent wet at home and letting it dry out before your first camping adventure.

10. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

The TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent is available in 10 to 16 person tent sizes, and it’s a lightweight, roomy option for family camping trips. It has the unique feature of a removable groundsheet, so you can use it attached to create a large tent or without the groundsheet as a large canopy.

The Teton Sierra can easily feel like a home away from home with its multiple outlet openings and over-sized door for easy entrance and exit, even with your arms full of camping gear.

TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent; Waterproof Bell Tent for Family Camping in All Seasons; 8-12 Person Tent
  • EASIER SET UP: Bell tent sets up easily with two pole assembly; Oversized door makes loading and unloading your gear quick and easy; Carbon steel stakes drive through the roughest camping terrain
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE: Strong treated cotton canvas fibers repel water and provide breathable comfort to give you the best blend of protection and airflow
  • HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Comfortable all-season tent with extra-wide door and windows; durable, strong, long lasting for years of family memories; 12'x12' tent is 113 square feet; 8 - 12 person tent
  • 2-IN-1 TENT OR CANOPY: Protection from the elements as a tent or canopy; Perfect for family reunions, festivals, weddings, camping, and anytime you need to get out of the sun on those hot summer days
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports


  • Depends on the size of the tent; this is available in 10 person, 12 person, and 16 person sizes
  • Ranges from 12 feet x 12 feet x 8 feet; 16 feet by 16 feet by 9.4 feet; 20 feet by 20 feet by 11.1 feet


  • This teepee tent is fast and easy to setup, even with just one person.
  • The materials are high quality and can withstand rough conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and even snow. The stakes provided with this tent are also high quality and tend to hold down this tent well.
  • This tent actually fits well back into its carrying bag, which is not an easy feat with most tents.
  • This tent makes a fantastic base camp for camping any time of year.


  • There is no vent for a stove pipe with this teepee tent.
  • Some people report that it feels a little smaller than it is, so if you’re camping with a large crew of family and friends, you might wish to go with the larger size tent.

What Is A Teepee Tent And Why You Need One

Teepee tents are a great way to go camping and brave the elements. Also called tipi tents or tepee tents, these camping options are cone-shaped and were originally created by Native Americans living in the Great Plains.

Modern teepee tents have one tall center pole, which is usually tall enough to allow you to stand up inside of the tent. The cone shape allows debris, rain, and snow to slide easily off the walls of the tent, keeping the inside drier. This shape also tends to stay on the ground even in strong winds. Additionally, the cone shape allows for good airflow from the floor vents, windows, and vents at the peak of the tent.

Modern teepee tents are usually made of lightweight synthetic material or heavier canvas fabric. Canvas tents tend to come with a stove vent to allow you to vent a camping stove, which often enables them to be year-round or 4-season tents. The synthetic tents are better for backpacking due to their lighter weight. With both types of teepee tent, they tend to be cool in the summer and stay warm in cooler weather.

Teepee tents are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without being afraid of inclement weather. If you want to go camping without worrying about the heat, cold, or a monsoon, this is the tent for you.

The Different Types of Teepee Tents

  • Some products will have different types that a reader needs to choose between
  • For example, if I’m buying a stroller, do I want an umbrella stroller, jogging stroller, or double stroller, etc?
  • Describe in detail the different types of product, and their pros + cons

There are several different types of teepee tents available. They vary based on size, construction, use, and details.

First, let’s address a certain detail in spelling that carries a different meaning:

What is the difference between teepee and tipi?

A traditional tipi tent is made of logs to support the covering. Historically, it was the traditional living structure for indigenous tribes living in the Great Plains of North America. The covering is made of animal skins. The distinguishing feature of a tipi tent is that it has smoke flaps at the top of the structure.

Modern Teepee Tents

Modern teepee tents for recreational camping are usually classified by their construciton materials and the number of people that could sleep inside. Another important feature to consider is if the tent has a stove jack or not. A stove jack allows you to use an indoor camping stove, which also allows you to stay warm and use the tent in the winter.

Most teepee tents are made of canvas or nylon. Canvas tents are excellent for staying dry and waterproof, their sturdy construction that withstands high winds, and are often used for luxury “glamping” camping experiences.

Nylon teepee tents are lightweight, easier to bring to a remote campsite, and faster to set up than a canvas teepee tent.

Camping Teepee Tents Vs. Children’s Play Teepee Tent

Teepee tents that are used for camping outdoors are vastly different than a child’s play teepee tents. Tents intended for camping outside are designed to withstand the elements for a cozy camping trip. The conical shape resists wind, and rain and snow tend to slide right down the outside of the tent.

Kids’ teepee tents for playtime are a whimsical, magical fort that children will want to spend hours and hours in. They are designed with indoor use in mind, and they appear more like small versions of traditional teepee tents.

Below are some of the most popular children’s play teepee tents:

 5 Benefits Of Using A Teepee Tent

There are so many great reasons to pick a teepee tent for your next camping adventure. Some benefits include:

  • They’re great in all kinds of weather. Teepee tents tend to do really well in inclement weather. Rain and snow usually slide right down the conical shape, leaving you cozy and dry inside. Some teepee tents even have a built-in stove jack, so you’ll be nice and warm camping in all 4 seasons.
  • You can actually stand up. It’s great going camping, but it’s even more great when you can actually stretch out and stand up to your full height INSIDE your tent! Teepee tents have a center peak, and most are tall enough for the average camper to stand up in the middle of the tent.
  • Insanely easy setup and tear down. Most modern teepee tents are lightweight and are designed to be easy to setup and take down. They tend to have telescoping poles, and some even boast of 1-5 minute setup times. Many teepee tent styles can even be put up by one person.
  • Unique appearance. In a campground full of Coleman tents, teepee tents tend to stand out. Their beautiful shape can attract attention, and few campers own teepee tents. It’s a neat, unique way to stand out in your average campground.
  • Can be used with a camp stove indoors. Some teepee tents are designed with a stove jack, so you can have a cozy camp stove inside your tent. Teepee tents are one of the few tent designs that offers sufficient room for a stove inside your tent.

4 Things To Look For In A Good Teepee Tent

When you’re looking for the perfect teepee tent, be sure to keep these 4 tips in mind:

  • Know how many people and how much gear will be in the tent. Please be aware that the “number of people” a tent sleeps means how many sleeping bag can you fit in the tent if all the tents were touching each other. Typically, with camping gear also taken into consideration, you want a tent that “sleeps” more people than the number of people actually coming with you on your camping expedition. Buying a “4 man tent” for 4 campers usually results in a cramped tent and cranky campers.
  • Decide if canvas or synthetic material is better for you. Canvas tents come in bigger sizes but tend to be quite heavy. They’re great for glamping but not fun for lugging around in a backpack. Synthetic tents tend to be quicker to set up, lighter in weight, and are usually smaller in size.
  • Consider if you want a camping stove or not. Some teepee tents come with a stove jack, so you should decide in advance if that’s a feature you need. A stove in your tent helps to make your tent more comfortable for four-season camping trips.
  • Think about how you’ll use the tent and how many doors, windows, and vents are important to you. There are so many options for teepee tents, so you may wish to consider how you’ll be using the tent. If you’ll be making lots of muddy daytime hikes, a tent with two doors or an entrance with an awning for gear may be a great choice for you. If you’ll be camping in the heat, floor-level vents and mesh around the top of the tent could be just what you need to stay cool.


Besides being one of the coolest looking tents around, teepee tents are fantastic for ventilation, withstanding inclement weather, and creating a comfortable abode for camping year-round.

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